Monday 25 June 2012

String Phenomenology 2012

This week I am in Cambridge for this year's String Phenomenology conference, and it seems like a good excuse to do some blogging. There are five days of what should be quite interesting talks, and I will try to summarise and pass comment on at least some of them every day. Watch this space!


  1. In terms of explaining cosmology, what is the killer app of M-theory?

    1. Please don't make me turn on comment moderation just to stop you posting this stuff, David. This blog is not a platform for your pet ideas.

  2. OK, I have already been banned from 2 blogs. Thanks for warning me. I shall try to control myself. Here is a perhaps more legitimate question: According to John H. Schwarz, "String Theory Progress and Problems", 2007, "Inflation takes place as a D3-brane moves down a throat, attracted to an anti-D3-brane at the bottom until they collide and annihilate. A scalar model of an open string connecting the branes is the inflaton. The annihilation releases the tension energy stored in the branes. It heats up the universe to start the big-bang epoch." Who might be 2 or 3 of the world's top 10 leading experts on the preceding theory?


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