Saturday, 17 March 2012

Seminar at Perimeter

On Thursday I arrived at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada, for a ten day visit. It is quite a singular institution, its establishment having been funded privately over a decade ago by Mike Lazaridis, the man behind the Blackberry.

Yesterday I gave the string seminar here, and spoke about the recent paper I discussed in this post. Attendance was quite reasonable, and I think it went well enough. One of the many great things about Perimeter is that they record all (I think) of the seminars given here, and make them available for free on their website. You can check out mine here. It starts about two minutes in, but nothing of import is missing. I had a look at a few minutes of it, as I've never actually seen myself give a seminar before, and was mostly struck by just how Australian I sound…

I'm looking forward to the next week here, after which I'll be spending a week at the University of Pennsylvania. There are many excellent people at both institutions, so I hope to have some interesting things to blog about.

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