Monday, 28 November 2011

Now with real maths!

Until now I have avoided putting any mathematical expressions into my posts, mainly because I couldn't find a nice way to go about it. But a little more searching has turned up a script which, among other things, converts simple LaTeX expressions into MathML; it is called ASCIIMathML, and I learned about it here, and its webpage is here.

Hmm… It worked perfectly for me when I tested it, but now I am getting mixed results with Blogger's preview function. Here is a test: I would like to be able to include pretty equations like $\lim_{x \to 0} \frac{\sin(x)}{x} = 1$. Please let me know in the comments whether that is displayed correctly (note that it may initially appear as LaTeX code, but should be converted within a second or two).

Edit: For reasons I don't quite understand, ASCIIMathML wouldn't play nice (perhaps this had something to do with me storing the javascript file on my university webpage?). However, following a suggestion by Anna in the comments, formulae are now being provided by MathJax, and seem to be working. Thanks Anna!


  1. Dear Rhys,

    The latex code still looks like latex code both on blogspot and in my RSS reader. Maybe try That's what we use on Quantum Diaries.


  2. Thanks Anna! MathJax seems like a good option.


You can use LaTeX code in your comments simply by enclosing it in dollar ($) signs.